Family Medicine Care

Our family medicine team offers comprehensive care to babies, kids, teens, adults and seniors.

Family Medicine Care

Our family medicine team offers comprehensive care to babies, kids, teens, adults and seniors.

Helping You Stay Healthy Through Every Stage of Life

Your family medicine provider is your lifelong health care partner to keep you healthy and happy. At the USC Family Medicine Program, our specialists take the time to get to know you and understand your health history, family history and wellness goals. This helps our team understand your unique health needs and better monitor your health through all stages of your life.

We offer vaccinations, perform screening exams, manage your chronic medical issues and help you make lifestyle changes to improve your health. If you have any health issues or injuries that come on suddenly, our family medicine providers can treat you. And, if you need a specialist for any reason, your doctor can refer you to a specialist that suits your needs and preferences.

From infancy to adolescence to adulthood, our mission is to be your trusted health care team over the long term. Our team often sees multiple people in one family over several years and decades. This allows us to provide personalized high-quality care to your entire family.

Our Areas of Expertise

Child and Adolescent Care

Our doctors offer care for infants, toddlers, kids and teens, often seeing them over years and decades. We provide vaccinations and annual checkups, and we help manage a full range of medical conditions, everything from sinus infections to sprains.

Geriatric and Palliative Care

Our team has expert geriatricians, or doctors who specialize in medical care for older adults. We also offer access to behavior health specialists with training in geriatrics and physicians board-certified in palliative care. We are ranked as one of the top geriatric programs in the nation by U.S. News & World Report, making us a leader in care for older adults.

Gender-Affirming Care

Our primary care specialists provide a full range of gender-affirming and transition-related health care services for transgender, nonbinary and gender-diverse patients. We deliver the care you need in a safe and welcoming environment and will be by your side at each stage of your medical journey.

Women’s Health

We offer women’s health care services, including family planning, pregnancy testing and counseling, and sexually transmitted infection (STI) care. We also provide health screenings for conditions such as breast and cervical cancer. Our providers can refer you to our network of experts if you need more specialized women’s health care and procedures.

More Personalized Attention With Our Residents

As part of our mission to deliver patient-centered care, the physicians selected for our Family Medicine Residency Program work directly with you — our patient community.

Our residents team up with your trusted doctor, nurses, physician assistants and staff to provide additional time and support for you and your family.

As an added layer of support, many of our residents speak languages such as Spanish, Chinese and Vietnamese. Our mission is to give all of our patients access to high-quality medical care and train the next generation of family medicine doctors and innovators.

A Team Dedicated to Your Family’s Wellness

Our family medicine providers are experts in geriatric, pediatric and primary care for patients of all ages.

Our patient-focused, family approach to care puts you and your wellness goals at the center of your treatment journey.

Whether it’s routine exams or treatment for injuries or illness, your family medicine doctor is available to give you the care you need.

Your family medicine team can refer you to our network of specialists when you need advanced, specialty care.

Our residents team up with your care team to provide you with additional time, attention and care during your visits.

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