Hernia Surgery

Our Program

The surgeons at Keck Medicine of USC treat the full spectrum of abdominal wall hernia defects, including inguinal (inner groin), femoral (outer groin), incisional (resulting through an incorrectly healed surgical wound), umbilical (belly button), hiatial (upper stomach) and athletic pubalgia (sports hernia).

Patients meet with a team of doctors from across departments to develop a customized reconstructive plan. It starts with surgically treating the hernia through minimally invasive and traditional surgical techniques. Then, patients work with Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery physicians to ensure the best functional as well as cosmetic result for each patient.

For patients who meet the criteria for bariatric surgery, weight loss surgery may be beneficial before undergoing abdominal wall reconstruction and hernia repair. This allows for a lower hernia recurrence rate as well as a better cosmetic result.

Our Approach

Our multidisciplinary approach unites physicians from our General Surgery, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, and Bariatric Surgery departments to offer patients an individualized diagnosis and care plan.

We are committed to providing the best long-term results for every patient, offering minimally invasive laparoscopic surgical options whenever possible. This ensures a superior outcome while also decreasing discomfort and allowing for quicker recovery from hernia surgery.

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