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Originally published June 1, 2023

Last updated May 8, 2024

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USC Health Magazine 2024 Issue #1

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2023 Issue 1

  • Brain tumor treatment for pregnant woman
  • New prosthetic leg option
  • Living-donor kidney transplant
  • Addressing frequent urination
  • Making healthful habits stick
  • Faster recovery after surgery

2022 Issue 2

  • Perfect-match bone marrow transplant
  • First stroke patient to receive vagus nerve stimulation
  • LVAD support device for advanced heart failure
  • Facts on back pain
  • A connection between IBD and depression
  • SIR-T immunotherapy for prostate cancer

2022 Issue 1

  • Transfusion-free surgical services
  • Allergy symptoms masking nasal polyps
  • Bladder augmentation for dialysis patient
  • Comprehensive brain cancer surveillance
  • When to get a second opinion
  • Healthy food access for liver patients

2021 Issue 2

  • Vital second opinion on cervical cancer
  • Orthopaedic surgery and high school soccer
  • Long-term success after bariatric surgery
  • Healthy eating during holidays
  • Hearing music after ear canal surgery
  • Men’s urological health screenings

2021 Issue 1

  • Neck cancer diagnosis and treatment
  • Surgery for misunderstood pelvic disorder
  • Innovative treatment for atrial fibrillation
  • Side effects for young cancer survivors
  • AI predictions for COVID-19 outcomes
  • State-of-the-art sports injury center

2020 Issue 2

  • Gymnastics champ’s orthopaedic relief
  • Renewed life after heart transplant
  • Five facts about mammograms
  • Smoking and bladder cancer
  • Newly identified risk factors for dementia
  • Risks of loud talking on cell phones

2020 Issue 1

  • Actor and TV host’s kidney cancer journey
  • When is surgery right for back pain?
  • Young priest faces lung cancer
  • Former basketball star’s aortic dissection
  • How to be a health advocate for yourself and loved ones
  • Questions to ask your new OB/GYN

2019 Issue 2

  • Faith, family after breast cancer diagnosis
  • Friend aids stroke patient
  • New treatment for aortic valve disease
  • Recommended preventive screenings
  • Debunking testosterone supplements
  • Toxic exposure in pregnant women, children

2019 Issue 1

  • Innovative epilepsy center
  • Overcoming fear of doctor visits
  • USC-VHH nurse sets childbirth trend
  • Relief for sleep apnea
  • Urinary incontinence after C-section
  • Conquering osteoarthritis

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USC Health Magazine 2024 Issue #1

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